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What would you do if they were your children? November 7, 2009

rihanna chris

rihanna and Chris Brown

So I just finished watching the Rihanna 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer.  I do have my personal feelings about the situation but that is not the point of this particular blog.  Both stars have been very publicly scrutinized for their action and people have been very critical of the situation without having all the facts.  I do not belive all the facts have been revealed and may never be. Let’s just take a minute to personalize the situation.

My question to you is what would you do if these were your children?  How do you talk to your daughter about domestic violence and how to get out of a situation or avoid one all together?  How do you talk to you son about what is acceptable behavior toward a woman?  How would you talk to your children to prevent this situation from happening?

I thought about it and the best advice I could offer my son is no one should hit anyone.  Period.  Should he find himself getting so angry that he wants to hit someone, he needs to leave the situation and go talk to someone or go do something constructive with his anger.  Go to the gym, mow the lawn, do something but do not touch anyone!!  If he finds himself in a situation where a woman is hitting him, I will tell him he needs to walk away.  If she is hitting him with an object he needs to try to restrain her, take the object and walk away.  I will tell him that under no circumstances is he to hit a woman, and he better not let a woman hit him either.  People do not hit people.

I do not know for certain what happened in that car with Rihanna and Chris Brown but I am sure that should either one of them removed themself from the situation until cooler heads prevailed, there would be no need for the 20/2o interview.

interested to hear your thoughts,