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Happy Birthday Mom! November 12, 2009

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Today is my mother’s birthday and the kid and I decided to make her a surprise dinner.  I was torn about what to make.  Of course I wanted to make something sophisticated that I’ve seen on Top Chef but my mom is country and likes cheese and likes fried food.  My goal is to make her happy on her day so it looks like the “get it girl” soul food dinner wins.  We had:

Thank God there were no condoms in the 70’s fried chicken

maybe I wouldn’t be such a basket case if you breastfed me mac & cheese

you’re a good mommy green beans

and death by triple suicide chocolate cake!

cake and green beans

cake and green beans!

mac & cheese and chicken

mac & cheese and fried chicken

Now that I have become a mom I try to make every moment that lends itself to a special opportunity, special.  I know the feeling that I get when my son does something for me even if it is just giving me a kiss.  If I can make my mom feel like that then I will do it time and time again.  She was surprised, she enjoyed her dinner, and she and her friends went to Kohl’s for the afterparty.  Small things please her hahaha!