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Eco friendly custom greeting cards November 13, 2009


Christmas card from My good greetings

It is holiday time again and I need to make some fabulous Christmas cards!  To most, this is an easy task.  Take a family picture, send it to printing company and get cards.  Simple and painless.  For me, this task is not so simple.  Trying to find a company that  uses 100% recycled paper, and soy based ink is not so easy.  Low and behold I found one!!  I don’t know if I’m more excited about dressing my kid up in an outfit that will embarrass him when he is older or the printing company!  I have not tried them yet but their customer service is excellent and they answered all the questions I had within 24 hours.  So after our pictures are done next week off to My Good Greetings they go!

My good greeting also does birth announcements, party invites, moving announcements and pretty much anything that is festive and requires paper!

Please check them out!  If we want to save the world we have to support our green companies www.mygoodgreetings.com is where you want to go!




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