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I was asleep and you left me! November 7, 2009

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Last night I fell asleep on the couch at around 11ish.  I had an exhausting day and I was pooped!  After I fixed dinner, I bathed the kid, and prepared him for bed.  The pile of dishes would have to wait until after Private Practice went off.  Two hours pasted, the kid was sleep, Private Practice was over and I had no energy.  I could not get off of the couch.  I turned to Chelsea Lately and fell asleep just as Khloe Kardashian and Lemar Odom came on. What a shame I was actually looking forward to more of the circus act.  I woke up to a banging on the door around 3am.  I jumped up and realized it was the kid banging on my bedroom door.  He is a little under the weather so I’ve allowed him to sleep in my bed until he gets better.  He must have woke up and realized I was no where in the room.  I’m amazed that he got out of the bed in the dark and made it all the way to the door.  Such a determined little bugger!  When I opened the door I felt so bad he had the saddest look on his face.  Kinda like a “how could you not be in the bed with me.  You know that I’m sick”  look.  I know he was secretly thinking “my grandmother would never do this to me, what kind of mother are you?”  Awwww my poor little bear.  When I picked him up he pat me on the back to let me know everything was ok now.

Needless to say the dishes didn’t get done, my blog didn’t get done, but my little bear was happy and that is all that mattered.



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